Little Coin vs Big Hurt Round 2

So Last week we had Little Coin vs Big Hurt Round 1. We both put up an identical 8-7 record for the week*.

I, Little Coin, did the following:

won the Thursday Night game, lost the next 7 (by scheduled time), won the final 7 for an 8-7 record (and hence I get to mock for another week).

What we learned: Boy did I rally, standing at 1-7 looking to redeem Ryan, the luck of me bounced right 7 straight times. (This happens 1/128 times.)

Without Further Ado, Here’s my Week 5 Picks**

Random List Pick
2 Cincinnati Bengals -4.5
12 San Francisco 49ers -9.5
5 New York Giants -9.5
1 Arizona Cardinals -1.5
10 Tennessee Titans +5.5
4 Baltimore Ravens -4.5
8 Seattle Seahawks +3.5
6 Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5
9 Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5
3 Indianapolis Colts +7.5
13 San Diego Chargers +3.5
11 Denver Broncos +6.5
14 Houston Texans -7.5
7 Atlanta Falcons -3.5

*Since the Houston game is fixed each week, it’s really 8-6 Big Hurt vs 7-7 Little Coin in the sense of random picking.
**Houston was picked at Random, so tie-break goes to me this week!


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