The Big Hurt Rises

By Ryan Faherty

Well, my first venture into predicting games did not go so well. OK, fine. It was God-awful. So awful in fact that it provoked a somewhat demeaning experiment. The Little Coin vs. The Big Hurt. I’d like to chalk up week 3 to inexperience. Yeah, inexperience….that’ll work. Any way, I’m in need of some serious redemption this week. Unfortunately, I won’t gain any ground on the little coin tonight.


Cleveland (+12.5) Over BALTIMORE


I know, I know. You’d have to be a brainless, inanimate object to ever willingly take the Cleveland Browns to do anything right (e.g. a little coin). 12.5 points is a lot. The Ravens are coming off an emotional roller coaster at home on Sunday. I think they’ve got to be a little drained. Maybe looking past the feeble Browns a bit. The Browns are getting a rare taste at prime time, and their core players are too young and naive to realize they are about to be embarrassed. They are going to come out jacked up, and it will take Baltimore a quarter or so to get their legs under them. Baltimore wins, but by 10.


Let the games begin, Little Coin.


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