Playoff Recap:

Brandon Morrow throws seven shutout innings as the Jays blank the Yankees 6-0. Rangers out clobber the A’s 9-7 putting them 4 up in the division. Also, Hamilton went 1-4 with 2Ks, someone take the caffeine away! He’s not seeing the ball again!!

The Rays beat the now on life support White Sox 3-2 for their 8th straight. They only sit 2 back in the Wild card, 3 from Baltimore, and 4 from the Yankees. All of a sudden the Yankees-O’s-A’s race party has an open invitation.

The Angels also sit two back and need to win games to reach the postseason. Mike Trout (0-4 2Ks) and the Angels don’t seem to realize this.

We covered this one on twitter yesterday, but Dickey wins his 20th for the Mets. The Pirates now are 2 losses away from their 21st straight losing season. Ike Davis now has 31 homeruns on the year, and still nowhere to start next year, you have to love Mets management.

Doug Fister didn’t get the win but he did strike out nine straight royals from the 4th to 7th innings. When asked about it after the game, Francouer said, “Our Moustakas, we’re gonna Lough about this later.” Okay maybe he didn’t say that, but he definitely should’ve!

Phillies and Diamondbacks lose 7-3 and are now six back of the Cardinals with six to play. So mathematically they’re not eliminated as I think the Phillies own the If-Jupiter-is-three-degrees-in-the-night-sky-from-Saturn-but-seven-degrees-from-Venus-whose-passing-the-moon-during-a-waining-gibbous.


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