Games to watch Week 3

by Michael Scully

Today is our first games to watch section on NeutralFan. We’re going to give some insight on games you may not have thought about at first glance. We’ll write about early and day games since there’s a choice of which game to watch and we’re going to help you make the choice. So without further ado, our games to watch for week 3.

Jets vs Dolphins: This is a matchup between two teams going in opposite directions. In week 1, to everyone’s surprise (players included) the Jets offense put up 48 points on the Bills. In week 2, the Steelers showed us the Jets offense is as putrid as we assumed. The Dolphins on the other hand looked awful Week 1 against the Texans, then ran like 2004 USC with Reggie Bush torching the Raiders.

Both teams will run a wildcat option, but considering the Dolphins have been doing it for years it will be interesting to see their defensive schemes against it. Look for Reggie Bush to have another huge day against the Jets as the Dolphins should win this one handily. The real question is with the 49ers and Texans the next two weeks, will we be seeing Tebow starting in week 6?

Prediction: Dolphins 28 Jets 13

Eagles vs Cardinals: This is a matchup between two 2-0 teams, who surprisingly got there. The eagles had nine turnovers through the first two weeks and are somehow 2-0. As discussed in an earlier post, the Cardinals have a sneaky ability to win close games.

Kevin Kolb is starting this week for the Cardinals, he was cast away from the Eagles in favor of Michael Vick. You have to imagine this week will be a little personal as Kolb was even labeled as the backup to Skelton after the preseason. Look for Kolb two prove to two teams today that he should’ve been their starter.

Prediction: Cardinals 24 Eagles 16

Texans vs Broncos: The Falcons last week made Peyton Manning look exactly like what he is, a 36 year old man coming off neck surgery. Yes his ability to read a defense is second to none, but against strong athletic defenses he’s still a bit away in his recovery.

The Texans on the underhand, will not pass the opportunity to show the can overcome Manning. As a member of the Colts, he tormented the Texans for a decade. It’s not coincidence that the Manning-less AFC South was when the Texans made their final stride to playoff team. Today, look for them to take the next stride to Super Bowl favorite.

Prediction: Texans 34 Broncos 10


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